La Lucha Mural Park


La Lucha Mural Park, 1985-86
bounded by E. 8th St., Ave. C and E. 9th St., Manhattan
with Charas, Inc.

Collective mural: La Lucha Continua/The Struggle Continues, 1985
Rikki Asher, Karin Batten, Thérèse Bimka, Robert Brabham, Marguerite Bunyan, Keith Christensen, Eva Cockcroft (project director), Etienne Li, Camille Perrottet, Judith Quinn, A. G. Joe Stephenson, Dorianne Williams
30’ x 40’, oil on tar and concrete
all photos La Lucha Mural Park © Camille Perrottet

Details from La Lucha Mural Park:
Thérèse Bimka, She Is But One of Many / Eva Cockcroft and A.G. Joe Stephenson, The Border
Dina Bursztyn, Life Among the Ruins
Luis Frangella, title unknown
Seth Tobocman, Young People Stand Up to Police
Robin Michals and Kristin Reed, The Last Judgment
Willie Birch, Stop Urban Removal
Noah Jemisin and Nora Jemisin, Alphabet City Mural
Noel Kunz, Octopus
Camille Perrottet, Liberty, Freedom, Equality
Chico, Tribute to Michael Stewart / Etienne Li, To the Memory of Michael Stewart
Karin Batten, Nicaragua
Rikki Asher, For the Women of South Africa, Central America, and the Lower East Side
Nancy Sullivan, Not For Sale